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Whispers of
Captured Moments

Every design I create is more than just a dazzling jewel; it is a little piece of magic you can wear. Think of it as your personal amulet, capturing a special chapter of your life's unfolding story. Inspired by the moments that shape us for who we are.


Daily Job

Transforming ideas into reality is my passion. A successful jewelry designer must be an expert in striking the perfect balance between dreams and practicality. Ensuring comfort in wearing, precise color matching, and a perfect fit for the client's size are all aspects that require years of accumulated experience.

comma 1_edited.jpg

Winner of SLJDA 2015

Life is too short, don't forget to take a pause to enjoy life. Created with natural blue sapphire with 18K rose gold. View 


Spongus Collection

How do we live small but special? Gina's interpretation with a contemporary jewelry design collection of 6 pieces.  View 


SwayCo Collection

Taking inspiration from the ocean's wonderful underwater world. This collection is fabricated by Gina. View 

20150928_161100副本 2_edited.jpg

Floral, the Kinetic Ring

The floral ring is crafted with creating a kinetic ring in mind. The interesting fabrication process is well captured.  View 

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